Since Opoyon established the quality inspection department in 2007, Now has a group of professional quality inspectors, forming a strong and mature quality inspection department. To assess the continued suitability of the Opoyon Quality System, our A professional team regularly reviews the quality system through internal audits and quality reports , including audit results, customer feedback, process performance and Product compliance, preventive and corrective actions. All quality control personnel are regularly trained in the quality program to support our Quality goals. Opoyon maintains a register of approved suppliers. selection criteria, Establish evaluation and re-evaluation. When using a new source, Opoyon There is an approval process to ensure compliance with our supplier manual, quality standards and the terms and conditions of our purchase order. Opoyon requires all suppliers when accepting purchase orders Confirm that it understands customer process requirements, Applicable legal and regulatory requirements and purchase order terms.
- Quality Management -
- Supplier Evaluation -
- Counterfeit Detection -
- Money Back Guarantee -
As our network of suppliers and suppliers grows, we need to ensure that our customers are satisfied with the products they receive. We evaluate all new suppliers we work with individually and on a quarterly basis for all suppliers. Our assessments are based on previous experience, partner experience, and financial, social and certification reviews. Suppliers may also receive visits from members of our Quality Assurance team. All new suppliers are required to send their products to our 3rd party testing laboratory where we perform detailed testing analysis of the products. Suppliers with whom we have a relationship will conduct detailed testing of products on a regular and random basis.
Counterfeit electronic components are electronic parts that violate the trademark rights of legitimate manufacturers. These components may not confirm the original manufacturer's specifications and quality. Our customers cannot guarantee that the product and its service life will live up to expectations. Therefore, before these parts are used in products such as navigation, medical instruments, military equipment or aerospace vehicles and paraphernalia, they must be 100% satisfied. It is Opoyon's responsibility to attempt to check the authenticity of all incoming electronic components. We communicate with trusted testing labs to evaluate products and prevent counterfeit products to our customers. Combined with our testing and inspection analysis, we investigate many aspects of the part, including: Incorrect part number incorrect date Manufacturer's place of origin Pre-soldered pins The packaging is made of the wrong material Laser cut lines in marking Bad/Incomplete Logo IC is marked in ink and can be wiped off with acetone
No one wants to receive substandard products, and we don't want to offer them. All products sold by Opoyon are guaranteed. If you are not satisfied with the function of the component during the warranty period, we can refund, repair or replace the item. Our customer service agents can process your return authorization. We document and review all RMA products in conjunction with our quality procedures so that we can continue to provide you with reliable service.
Opoyon is an extensive stocking distributor of active and passive components and has been supporting supply chains including OEM, ODM, EMS companies and distributors since its inception in 2007.                                     
Opoyon headquarters 21F, Phase II, Excellence Times Square, Yitian Road, Futian District Shenzhen, China.
Opoyon Hong Kong Golden Dragon, 162-170 Tai Lin Pai Road, Kwai Chung, New Territories,
Hong Kong,China
Unit I-1, 4/F, Industrial Centre Phase II                                
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